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acknowledged, frankly, the difficult moments of his papacy. and he said that there were times when the winds were against the church. but he also spoke of joy. and just moments ago, this tweet, from the first pope ever to tweet. if only everyone could experience the joy of being christian, being loved by god, who gave his son for us. >> again, historic happenings there in rome, as a resignation for the ages begins, george. we'll be right back with you in the vatican. robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas here. we want to also show you this. it's a video of a great white shark, spotted off the coast of new zealand. tragically spotted just before a deadly attack. we'll have that story just ahead. also, a huge multimillion-dollar lawsuit against one of the biggest companies in america. bud wuzer, under fire, right now, for allegedly watering down its beer. but first, we're going to get back to gorgeous st. peter's square this morning.
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it's a beautiful day at the vatican. and george is right there for it all. >> it certainly is. the sun shining out here right now. i'm here with our colleague, david wright. david, i flew over with cardinal dolan of new york. a lot of talk about the possibility that he might be chosen as the next pope. he laughed that off. but the cardinals are going to start to meet next week. today, though, the day for pope benedict. >> that's right. his moment to say good-bye, really. this was the last time we will see him in the flesh, here at the vatican. tomorrow, we'll see him on television. but most of it will take place behind the vatican walls. 50,000 tickets for this event, standing room only crowd. and for a pope who is famously reserved, it counts as an emotional farewell. they came today by the thousands to say good-bye. pope benedict gave them an up-close look, moving through the crowds in the popemobile. he even stopped to kiss a baby. the first pope since the middle ages to step down, smiling
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today, as he took it all in one last time. the crowd got to their feet and gave him a long standing ovation. today, he looked thin and frail as he addressed the faithful, referring back to the day eight years ago when he first appeared on that balcony. in that moment, he said, i felt like st. peter with the apostles in the boat on lake galilee. referring to that iconic gospel scene right over the entrance of st. peter's basilica. benedict noted that, at times, the seas were calm. at times, the winds were blowing against us. an apparent reference to the scandals that have sometimes challenged his papacy. today was one of the last times he'll wear those red prada pumps. after tomorrow, he switches to brown shoes. the man they once called god's rottweiler, as others have put it, now, a faithful german shepherd.
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today, there were so many requests for tickets, even st. peter's square, there was standing room only. this family got their tickets a month ago. >> we had tickets for the private showing. didn't know it was going to be this big. >> reporter: instead, they're witnessing history. also in the crowd, the man who will end up taking benedict's place, probably someone from the front rows, wearing red. but even he doesn't know it yet. that's the big mystery here. 117 cardinals are under age 80. and therefore eligible to vote. one of them has bowed out because of illness. another because of scandal. so, 115 cardinals will choose the next pope. and it's likely, the new pope will be among one of them. george? >> thanks, david. i'm here now with one of the men that will choosing the next pope, cardinal donald wuerl of washington, d.c. >> good to be with you. >> what a powerful moment. we saw something we've never seen before, a pope saying good-bye. >> a historic moment. i think everyone will remember
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this because it hasn't happened, certainly, in this way, ever before. and to say good-bye and to hear the pope tell us that his ministry is something that he had given to the church to god. and it was simply time, now, to conclude it. it was beautiful. it was moving. it really tugs at the heart. but he also reminded us, the church moves on. it just has to continue with its work. >> and you have the duty, share the duty, of choosing the next pope. what's the most important quality you're looking for? >> i think i would like to see in the successor to benedict, that spiritual quality that keeps focused on the mission of the church, which ultimately, radically, is spiritual. there's so many challenges today. but the real work of the church is simply to tell people, god is with us. >> many have said the church
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needs a real manager who can clean up the vatican, overcome some of the scandals. >> i would think that, if the pope is focused on the spiritual mission, he can always see that there are enough people to do what needs to be done to get everything the way it should be. but i wouldn't want to concentrate just on managerial skills. because that's something you can take care of. the focus has to be on the real mission of the church. >> i flew over here with cardinal dolan of new york. and he said, just before he left, in his final mass in new york, that he was coming here in the spirit of repentance. do you think that's something many of the cardinals share? >> i think we come in a spirit of connectedness with the history of the role of peter. the reason we're
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electing a successor to st. peter, the task is to keep that continuity, to keep us connected with peter and therefore with christ. >> but in a modern world. >> a very, very modern world. that's one of the reasons why the new pope is going to have to be very attuned to modern communications. he's going to have to be able to be present to the world in ways that no pope in the past ever was. we have all of this electronic, social media. the pope is going to have to be immersed in that. >> you said it's a fantasy to think that you yourself were chosen as pope. >> i think we have to stay in the real world, and the real world doesn't include me. >> what about the chances of an american? of cardinal dolan? or cardinal o'malley of boston? >> i think the conventional wisdom, which i think is correct, is a pope from the superpower would probably have a lot going against him when he's trying to present a spiritual message to the rest of the world. the united states is a grand and glorious and great country. but the pope has to be able, at
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times, to speak a spiritual challenge even to the united states. and so, i'm not sure that it would be the wisest thing to have an american pope. >> cardinal wuerl, thank you very much for your time. good to be with you. >> god bless you. thanks. >> luz beth. >> all right, george, thank you so much. now, we're going to turn to that blizzard that is blanketing so much of the country, from texas to the great lakes, stranding people inside their cars, even trapping a number of students inside their middle school. sam has been checking all of it overnight. and, boy, this is quite a system. >> yeah. it covers so much of the country, elizabeth. by the numbers, it's impressive. looks at these numbers -- amarillo coming in with 19 inches of snow, a daily snowfall record. all of these are records. chicago, it's still snowing at 4.8. that's now your biggest snowfall of the season so far. and then, head south from the storm, where it's no longer a snowmaker, it's just a bad weathermaker and severe storms. and notice this is a picture of tampa. look at this right here.
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that's the bottom of a waterspout that later became a tornado. there were 95-mile-per-hour winds moving through tampa, as this made landfall. this doesn't happen a lot when these waterspouts make land fall. when they make land, they make a really big impact. and to the big snow. look at alex perez in chicago this morning. and that's about 4 to 12 inches this morning in the chicagoland area. good morning, alex. >> reporter: overnight, a sloppy, snowy mess across the chicago area. on the roads, spinout after spinout. some drivers had to be rescued out of ditches. >> it's scary. the wife's in the car. she's having little panic attacks. >> it's bad. it's really bad. >> reporter: this winter wallop whacking more than 20 states. in colorado, treacherous roads, leaving 60 middle school students stranded overnight, at a school east of colorado springs. oklahoma is also struggling. 50-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour winds and four-foot snowdrifts. trapping motorists and even plow trucks on highways. >> unbelievable amount of snow
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up here. >> reporter: in north carolina, downed trees snapped ice-coated power lines, creating a fire and leaving thousands in the dark. kansas city, digging out once again. and the heavy, wet snow, bringing down old trees. and creating a new danger, roof collapses. one man was killed after a roof buckled in oklahoma. in belton, missouri, a family narrowly made it out, after this wall came crashing down. >> it was like a big, huge salad bowl. that's when i realized, we have to get out. >> reporter: two hours west, in missouri's capital, jefferson city, the entire ceiling and front wall of this warehouse, destroyed. so, here at o'hare, and at many airports, it will be a day of playing catchup. and another busy day of digging out across the path of this storm. sam? >> alex, the middle of the country taking a wallop out of this storm system. as it continues to move east, there's still some snow left.
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we'll see maine, northern new york state, coming in with an additional six inches of snow there. we'll go through all of america's weather when we come back in a minute. elizabeth? >> sam, thank you so much. and we're going to turn, now, to washington. and the grim countdown to the massive spending cuts that will kick in on friday. democrats, republicans, the president, congress, all pointing fingers. abc's jonathan karl has more on the story. >> reporter: instead of trying to come to an agreement, the two sides are playing the blame game. >> but i don't think the president's focused on trying to find a solution. >> there are too many republicans in congress right now who refuse to compromise even an inch. >> reporter: speaker of the house john boehner pointed the finger at president obama. >> where's the president's plan to avoid this? have you seen one? >> reporter: the president says he has a plan. in fact, the senate will likely vote on it tomorrow. but it has virtually no chance of passing. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> reporter: each day, the white
7:11 am
house's list of terrible things caused by the cuts grows longer. including flight delays, kids losing vaccines, and meat shortages. and now, the department of homeland security says it has been forced to release hundreds of undocumented workers back into the united states. they had been detained by immigration and customs enforcement. the president traveled tuesday to a giant military shipyard in newport news, virginia, to highlight how the cuts will hurt families and military readiness. tomorrow, the senate will vote for the very first time on competing bills to try to replace these automatic, across-the-board spending cuts. but at this point, elizabeth, neither side has put forth a plan that has any chance of passing. >> unbelievable. you're sounding like a broken record every morning, jon. hopefully tomorrow will be different. let's turn to josh for the rest of the top stories developing. >> we have breaking news out of europe. it's disturbing. what appears to be a mass shooting at a company in switzerland.
7:12 am
police will only say that several people, at least three, have been killed, at a lumber company in a small town just west of lucerne. the shooter opened fire in the cafeteria there. about 450 people in total work there. and we'll have more details as they come available. meanwhile, back here at home, a college campus in south carolina was placed on lockdown overnight, after a 19-year-old student was fatally shot inside a dorm. it's unclear what prompted the shooting at coastal carolina university. police are searching for the gunman. and in washington, new signs the obama administration is about to change its policy and provide direct aid to the rebels in syria. one option reportedly being considered is to provide military training and equipment, such as body armor. secretary of state john kerry meets with rebel leaders tomorrow in rome. and now, to a deadly shark attack that stunned beachgoers in new zealand today. a swimmer was suddenly pulled under the water. rescuers desperately tried to help him. and abc's rob nelson has the story. >> he just shouted out, shark.
7:13 am
and the next minute, we saw him like rolling around. there was blood everywhere on the water. >> reporter: this new zealand fisherman was eyewitness to the deadly attack just 200 yards offshore. >> we saw like three sharks, all over him, rolling him around. >> reporter: rescue teams raced into the water in a desperate attempt to reach that swimmer. >> the police managed to distract the shark, while we extracted the person from the water. >> reporter: and in a scene straight out of spielberg's imagination, police in boats took aim at the shark. >> we don't know whether we hit the shark. but the shark rolled off and disappeared. >> reporter: but it was too late. and the victim, a man in his 40s, was dead. witnesses say the shark was huge. experts who streamed this footage says the shark may be over ten feet long. >> i can tell by the color, and by the way it's swimming,
7:14 am
it's most likely a great white shark. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news. one quick sports headline for you this morning. another big upset in college basketball. number one indiana, falling to unranked minnesota, 77-73, last night. of course, as happens, gophers fans, rushing the court at game's end. celebrating a big win for them. and again, this is all on the eve of march, the maddest of months. again, let's be careful if you're going to rush that court. just be careful, watch your step. elizabeth? >> all right. thank you so much, josh. and now, we're going to turn to that multimillion-dollar lawsuit over budweiser. anheuser-busch is under fire right now from customers who claim the company is watering down its budweiser, michelob and other beers. the people behind the lawsuit, say they've been cheated out of the alcohol content on the label, much less the taste. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: the maker of the king of beers this morning, finds itself at the center of a king-sized scandal.
7:15 am
anheuser-busch inbev, which brews budweiser, michelob and bud ice is now involved in a multistate lawsuit, accused of selling watered-down beer. according to a class-action suit filed in a san francisco federal court friday, the world's biggest beer brewer is accused of intentionally mislabeling and overstating the alcohol content of its products in order to increase profits. >> a consumer should be able to go into a store and buy a can of beer, whatever brand they like. and if it says on the label, it's 6% alcohol, it should be 6%. >> reporter: along with the lead lawsuit in california, multiple other suits are being filed this week across the country. in pennsylvania, new jersey and elsewhere, beer lovers who say they've been bamboozled by the company that makes their booze, are taking legal action. so far, they're seeking more than $5 million in damages. at issue, they say, are complaints by former workers inside the breweries who accuse the company of adding water
7:16 am
during the final stages of brewing, lowering the alcohol content. in a statement overnight to abc news, anheuser-busch calls the claims false. and the lawsuits groundless. saying, our beers are in full compliance with all the alcohol labeling laws. >> ultimately, forensic testing is going to determine the alcohol content. and that's what will decide the case. >> reporter: now, the plaintiffs have admitted that they have not independently tested anheuser-busch products taken from store shelves. on top of the $5 million in damages, the lawsuits also seek an order, mandating that the brewer runs a corrective advertising campaign. new allegations this morning why some beer may go down so smooth. >> because it's got water in it. >> exactly. it's like drinking water, allegedly. >> allegedly. okay. all right. while we contemplate that, let's turn to sam for a look at the nation's weather. hey, sam, i hope it's a calmer day. >> a lot calmer for the middle of the country.
7:17 am
you need to warm up. look at what the numbers are like in the middle of the country, following that big storm. this is going to be a pulldown of very cold air that goes well into the deep south again. look at the early-morning windchills. 19 in bismarck. 18 in kansas city. oklahoma city, 17. the pictures you've been sending us from america's heartland, down into -- i mean, it's just crazy. a lot of snow. and we'll show some of those twitter and facebook pictures of all of the snow. atlanta, feeling like 35 degrees. meanwhile, in the west, oh, we love you. we just left you. and we love you. and boy, do we miss you. l.a. at 74 degrees. san diego, 72. look at fresno, josh. lara? 68 degrees. can i just sit here under the sunshine for a minute? that's the weather around the nation.
7:18 am
>> an up-close look at america's weather, in the next half hour. coming up here, it's a beautiful day in rome. take a look. we're live from the vatican, as the pope says a final good-bye to the faithful, just one day
7:19 am
before a historic resignation. also, a dramatic day in court at the breakup murder trial. the woman accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, lashing out at the prosecution. dan and nancy are here to weigh in live. boyfriend, lashing out at the prosecution. dan and nancy are here to weigh in live. one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas.
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>> in santa cruz we will get new details of the two police officers killed while trying to arrest a suspect. sergeant baker was a 28-year veteran close to retirements and he leave behind a wife, two daughters and a son, detective elizabeth butter leaves behind her partner and two young sons, she was a 10-year veteran of the department. the suspect, 35 years old, was later killed by a swat officer. sue hall is following the wednesday commute. >> early this morning we had an accident and we have video from earlier, and this is on 880, southbound, beyond 238, a motorcycle went down in lanes for a time, three lanes were blocked and it is all cleared but unfortunately the damage is done, traffic is backed now because of the early accident which although it is cleared, the track is jammed. when we come back, our
7:24 am
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>> i am looking at temperatures that are near freezing in taylor and napa and novato and 46 in san francisco and 41 in oakland and 39 in san jose and 37 in concord. today, the temperatures outside of san jose, will be cooler than yesterday, by one to four degrees. we will be in the mid-to-upper 60's but the coa
7:27 am
7:28 am
welcome back to "good morning america." what you're seeing here, footage, that disturbed one young class, wondering who was stealing money from their backpacks. a high school student set up a sting, claiming her teacher was stealing from students. and here's the tape to prove it all. that story, just ahead. as we bid you a good morning, america. robin off. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> that's amazing footage. >> it is. a young, little encyclopedia brown. we're going to get into the escalating national debate whether working from the office
7:29 am
should be mandatory or a choice. there's a memo out from a top company no more working at home. >> the hottest of hot-button issues. first, let's go to george live right now at the vatican, where the pope just said his final farewell to the faithful, on the eve of his historic resignation. >> the last time we'll hear from him as pope. they're cleaning up st. peter's square right now. earlier, up to 200,000 people spread out here a and across the streets of rome, as the pope did give his farewell to the faithful. now, he goes back inside. tomorrow morning, he will meet with the cardinals. and around 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night, a helicopter will take off from behind st. peter's basilica, right here, take off for about a 15-minute ride, to where the pope will give for the next several weeks, as they renovate his apartment at the vatican. and at 8:00 p.m., he becomes pope emeritus.
7:30 am
his red shoes go away. his ring will be destroyed. and the work will turn to the cardinals for choosing the next pope. the politicking has begun. the cardinals were here to hear from the pope today. i spoke to cardinal wuerl of washington, d.c. in our last half hour. and he said, do not expect an american pope. he doesn't think that would be the wisest thing. but they are debating already, the kind of qualities they're looking for many the next pope, josh. >> politicking and history under way at the vatican. thank you, george. we turn, now, to the traumatic day in the so-called breakup murder trial. jodi arias going head-to-head for a third day of cross-examination. the prosecutor attacking her memory. arias, fighting back. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: another day of sparring. >> do you have a problem understanding what's going on? >> sometimes because you go in circles. >> reporter: jodi arias is going toe-to-toe with prosecutor juan martinez, for the third-straight
7:31 am
day of cross-examination. >> how is it that it just happens that you can't remember what you said. >> i think i'm more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger. >> reporter: arias admits she shot travis alexander in june of 2008, but claims it was self-defense. she testified she remembers very little about actually committing the crime. >> the answer, yes or no? do you remember? >> remember what? >> reporter: the prosecutor said she murdered her former lover in cold blood. and concocted a story of abuse to beat the death penalty. she spent nine days crying on the stand, claiming alexander was a sexual dieviant who beat her. but they showed arias this note at the memorial service. >> it says, travis, you're beautiful on the inside and out. doesn't it? >> yes.
7:32 am
isn't that kind of a lie based on what you told us in court today? >> reporter: he showed us this interview with the news magazine "48 hours." >> he brightened room when he walked in. the world is a darker place without him in it anymore. >> reporter: she is talk about a man she claims buzed her so severely, she had no choice but to kill him. >> how is it that you're not remembering what you're saying? >> because you're making my brain scramble. >> reporter: court was cut an hour short tuesday, after arias said she had a headache. the questions will not get any easier when cross-examination resumes in a few hours. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. and for more, we're going to bring in our legal team. nancy grace. and dan abrams, our "gma" legal analyst. nancy, i want to start with you, if i may. that was a confrontational and
7:33 am
aggressive cross-examination. usually prosecutors are wary of doing that with a woman in the witness box. >> you know what? you're making a very good point. when i had a lady defendant, i felt i had to handle them differently because sometimes jurors do not like to see a female defendant attacked. but in this case, i think it's a whole other ball game because of the consistent lies over many, many days on direct examination. many people have said, is the prosecutor being too harsh on her? i say no way because it's going to take quite a lot to rip that mask off jodi arias and show the killer underneath. >> but he's got the facts on his side. he doesn't need to be that aggressive with her. >> and you said so far, you think she's doing pretty well. >> i think she's been a very good witness, considering she's got horrible facts. she's got inconsistencies in her story. problems with what she's saying. and that's my point.
7:34 am
when you have this much ammo, as the prosecutor has in this case, you don't need to start fighting with the witness because i do think there's the risk that nancy and you were talking about, which is this sense of seeing her as the victim. it's the only hope she has, these jurors somehow feel sorry for her. >> listen, dan. dan, i know where you're coming from. but think about it like this. i've been in his shoes. this is the one bite of the apple, the one swing at the ball. do you want it to be like tot mom where they had evidence and they held it back and didn't want to be too harsh. they didn't use all of the ammo they had and look what happened. you have to go all-out, blow it out. >> it's about tone, though. he doesn't need to be seen as being -- fighting with her and being aggressive with her when he's got the facts on his side. >> -- nobody would say that, except a defense attorney or a legal pundit. >> really? you haven't been watching your own network.
7:35 am
>> what the prosecution's doing wrong. >> on your network, i've seen prosecutor after prosecutor talk about this exact same point. >> i don't care. >> you just said to me no one would say this. >> somebody says -- i'm watching the trial. >> right. >> and still to this point, she has not been correct. you're right about that. she's been doing fair we well. she's not cracked her yet. >> they've got the fact. she's got a real problem here. but i don't think there's going to be a perry mason moment, where she's going to suddenly -- >> desolve into tears. >> she's got at this. >> what do you think has been the biggest victory for the prosecution? >> the biggest hindrance to the prosecution? >> victory for the prosecution, in terms of their cross-examination of her? >> i think the biggest victory for the prosecution has largely been brought on by arias herself, when she gives a scenario about what happened. she claims that in less than two
7:36 am
minutes, she has a confrontation with the murder victim. she's taking naked photos of him in the shower, sexy photos. she runs into the closet. climbs a ladder, turns around. he hits a wall. she stabbed him 29 times. drags his body back. puts it into the shower. washes him off. all this happens in two minutes. impossible. >> the implausibility of the story. >> she's saying horrible things about him that she never said before. that's the big problem. >> that he abused her. >> they're bringing up her old diaries. but i've never seen testimony as graphic as the testimony in this case. >> it's pretty astonishing. and it continues today. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> bye, guys. >> see you later. it's time to check in with -- trying to think -- i'm checking with the weather and sam. >> hi. >> i got rattled by dan and
7:37 am
nancy. >> believe me. i understand. let's get to the boards. we'll start with pictures, video, out of little ferry, new jersey, where the water is ponding early this morning. wabc tv, the best in new york city, is all over this heavy rain situation. coming in a short period of time. the double-barrel lows pulling up in the northeast, with snow, that goes from missouri all the way to the great lakes and into maine. the heavier rain south of it, as well. the rain will stop a little later today. we may have some scattered showers through the day tomorrow, as well. and these are the areas that deliver some strong winds and colder temperatures. colder temperatures that will probably last for the eastern half of the country, all the way into march. and maybe the first two weeks of march, well down into the south. but right now, we'll just take it four days at a time. and we'll show you new orleans going to 54 degrees on saturday. atlanta, in the 40s, by the time we get to saturday. this is a big push of cold
7:38 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by chico's. >> sam, thank you. coming up here, caught on tape. you're not going to believe the video. at least until you see it. the teacher allegedly stealing out of students' backpacks. and jennifer lawrence brand-new look. going from blonde to dark brown hair one day after winning an oscar. is her switch a sign that it's back in fashion to be a brunette? i hope so.
7:39 am
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back, now, at 7:43, with the stunning story of the teacher who allegedly stole money from her students' backpacks. a sophomore conducting her own sting investigation. and caught it on tape. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: is this a teacher rummaging through a bag. this was recorded by a high school student. a student claiming her teacher stole money from students' bags. right in the school locker room. >> something had to be done about this because it's not right to be taking kids' money like that. >> reporter: lyndon high school sophomore, justine betti said she heard stories of things
7:43 am
going missing in gym class. >> we were blaming each other. >> reporter: she started thinking like a private eye and set up a sting. betti hid inside this locker. even propping up a second phone to catch video from another angle. watch as the woman in the video appears to take something out of the pink backpack. see there? something is now in her right hand. and then, she seems to check the pockets of the jeans right next to the bag. but doesn't appear to remove anything. >> it was tough to believe that she was doing that because she is such a nice teacher. and i really liked her. but i couldn't believe that she was doing something like that. >> reporter: the 16-year-old took the video to her dad and school administrator. now, a full-on investigation is under way. the accused teacher, who is not being identified, is now reportedly on administrative leave, pending the investigation. and after a week-long police investigation, this morning, the case is in the hands of the district attorney, who will decide whether to charge the
7:44 am
teacher with a crime. abc affiliate, kxtv, reported they spoke to a sister of the accused teacher. and she told them, quote, she didn't take anything. it looks like she's searching for something. she would never steal. she doesn't need the money. for "good morning america," gio benit benitez, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to gio. coming up, whether going to the office should be mandatory or a choice. >> a hot-button issue there. and then, "the play of the day" on the way. these two back from the "dancing with the stars" release. we may have a future star identified. go nowhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:45 am
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7:48 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> we're happy you're back. you did a phenomenal job. >> we're happy you're back, apparently. >> great job. "dancing with the stars,"
7:49 am
revealed that cast yesterday in l.a. this kid, know, let's keep our eye on this young fella from kentucky. this is a rascal flatts concert. and take a look. >> he's so cute. >> this kid, bringing down the house. and it was great because he was doing it. and the crowd reaction was so intense inside the arena, they finally found him with the spotlight. and that's when he really let it out. >> with that smile on the stairs. that's fantastic. >> already giving a ten. you are a legend, young fella. coming up here, jennifer aniston opening up about her wedding. go nowhere. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days!
7:50 am
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>> now from abc7 news, crews will dig in west san francisco to fix a broken water main that sent rivers of water and debris rushing into a dozen homes and vehicles and left a mess in the area around 15th avenue. mike has the forecast. >> check out this beautiful picture of mounts tamalpais from the east bay hills. a little bit of haze. temperatures are one to four
7:55 am
degrees cooler in most areas and shows could be the exception. tomorrow, thursday, friday, saturday, those three days are going to be warmer. sue? >> from livermore, westbound 580 we have reports of an accident in the central lane and you can see slow traffic moving toward the dublin/pleasanton and westbound 237, accident blocking a lane there, as well. eric? >> the news continues with "good morning america"
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ they are getting the spirit award here in times square. the day's gone blustery, a bit chilly. has not stopped them from joining us here. and george, there just outside the vatican this morning, where tens and tens of thousands said a final farewell to the pope. we'll be with him in just moments. as we bid you good morning, america. robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas.
7:59 am
>> it's great to be here. george got the sun in rome. and we got the rain. our poor fans outside, they're soggy. we give them the spirit award. what's with the green juice here on our desk? we all have these glasses here. >> it's really good. >> elizabeth actually does this. >> i drink it every day. >> go, go. >> drink chug-a-lug. just kidding. >> every time you say good morning, you have to take a drink. >> we'll explain. one person does know the value of this green juice. international model, victoria's secret angel, miranda kerr. come on out, miranda. >> good to see you. >> hi, miranda. >> explain to our friends what the secret is. you're here to talk about everything that makes you feel better and look better. and this is key. >> this is key for me. every morning, i like to start my day with a pressed organic green juice. i really feel it revitalizes me, and makes me feel good, alive. >> this one has kale, celery.
8:00 am
>> kale, celery. >> aloe. >> lemon. and lime. >> there's a kick to it, right? >> it's a green. so, it's like an algae. >> i feel better already. >> it tastes really good. >> it's very alkalizing. alkalizing. and energizing. >> we'll have more from miranda. >> cheers. >> to look like that, i'm chugging. also ahead, the growing national debate whether going into the office should be mandatory or a choice. and it is truly heating up the workplace. and, by the way, jennifer lawrence's new look. oscar's golden girl, went in one day, from blonde to brunette. we ask this question, is this good for you? >> is it more sexy to be a brunette? >> that becomes the question. what's better? blonde or brunette?
8:01 am
>> you really want to go there? >> or in sam's case, both. we'll have that in just a moment. we do want to turn, now, on the eve of his historic resignation, once again, the pope today, saying a final farewell to his faithful at the vatican. george is there with the latest. good morning, george. >> good morning, josh. you know, that green juice looks really, really good. but i think i'll stick with the espresso here in rome. as you said, the pope did just finish, complete his final general audience as pope, just a couple of hours ago. the square here was filled with people. as the pope had something of a mixed message. a lot of joy in the pope's message today. but also, some somber moments, when he talked about the difficult times as pope. and i asked the vatican's media adviser, greg burke, about that dichotomy a few moments ago. >> and today, it was a little bit of the pep rally and that joy.
8:02 am
and the catechism was more personal, you lose your privacy. >> and now, the cardinal has turned to the job of the new pope they're going to meet on monday. and set the date when the conclave begins. you see it behind me. the sistine chapel behind there. the cardinals will cloister there until they come up with a pope. and we'll see the white smoke coming out of the chimney of the sistine chapel. we hope before easter. >> all right, george, we'll be right back with you. but we're going to begin with the headlines of the morning. it's a fierce storm that sam's been telling us about all morning long, bearing down on more than 20 states. children caught in blizzard conditions actually had to spend the night at their school near colorado springs. heavy snow, grounding flights in chicago, leaving hundreds of travelers stranded at o'hare airport. meanwhile, in north carolina, falling trees snapped ice-covered power lines,
8:03 am
knocking out power to thousands. and one man died in oklahoma when one of several roofs there collapsed under the weight of the snow. sam is tracking it all for you. he'll have much more for you in just a moment. and in other news, word from northern california this morning, that two police detectives shot while investigating a sexual assault in santa cruz have died from their injuries. the suspected shooter, a former marine, was later killed during a pursuit. and the military investigating yet another deadly incident at one of its training sites in maryland. two sailors were killed in a diving accident at the proving ground on tuesday. an engineer died during underwater tests at the same facility just last month. and north of boston overnight, a bus carrying the university of maine's basketball team, ran off interstate 95, crashing into the woods. you see it there. the driver reportedly suffered a medical condition and was seriously hurt. some good news, though. the players were okay. meanwhile, in washington,
8:04 am
just two days remain now before some $85 billion in government spending cuts take effect, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs. we have just learned that president obama plans to meet with congressional republicans in hopes to avoid the cuts. but not into friday. first such negotiations between the president and republican leadership. and in medical news, researchers are baffled after finding a slight increase in advanced breast cancer among younger women, age 25 to 39. they say several factors could be to blame, including obesity, delayed pregnancies and alcohol. while breast cancer is still uncommon in women under age 40, the tumors tend to be more aggressive. and finally, if you're looking to chase the winter blues away, how about we go to this. tropical fantasyland. >> okay. >> i'm in. >> pool. palm trees. tents on a white, sandy beach. hawaii? not caribbean? eastern germany. >> what? >> an airplane hangar there.
8:05 am
just about everything trucked there, imported from the tropics. >> i grew up in germany. and in germany, the summer happens -- >> it happens all the time. doesn't it? >> no. i mean, i'm not surprised they would do that because they have one day of summer there. it's pretty -- no offense, germans, gloomy. >> but we're about to offend you. >> it's a genius way to bring a little bit of warm. >> absolutely. >> we have warehouses here in new york. we could do that here. let's do it. >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> that's the greatest ymca i've ever seen. lara, pop goes the news. >> let's do it. good morning to you all. and we begin in "pop news." have a sip of your green juice. i just said good morning. seth macfarlane may have had big ratings. but that does not mean he will be back next year for the oscars. and make it clear here, this is his decision not the academy. he's taken himself out of the
8:06 am
running via twitter. when a fan asked if he'd do it again, he tweeted, quote, no way. lot of fun to have done it, though. in a pre-oscar interview, he said, it was great. but it was too much with everything else he's working on, in addition to overseeing all of his tv shows, macfarlane is currently working on "ted 2," starring that naughty bear. >> you've actually wore the ted costume. >> i have not. and i don't know what you're talking about. we saw jennifer aniston looking radiant in red valentino at the oscars. now, we have some details about another gown she'll soon be wearing. the cover story of "people" magazine's double-issue is an exclusive about the superstar's wedding plans. the ring. the dress. the date. reportedly, have all already been chosen. and according to "people" it will be a small affair with just a few close friends. >> oh, yeah. ding, ding, ding. sorry about that. >> we just broke the bell.
8:07 am
jen will also reportedly take justin's last name. jennifer theroux. >> that has a nice ring. >> she is delightful. and i hope she gets everything she wants for her wedding. finally, in "pop news," the late, great audrey hepburn is the star of a new commercial, selling british chocolate of all things. the footage is from her hit movie, "roman holiday." and it shows hepburn being rescued by a dashing stranger. and then, leaning back to enjoy a chocolate bar. her sons authorized the usage of that classic footage. >> they can photoshop in a galaxy chocolate bar, they should photoshop in george. >> there you go. "pop news." >> thank you, lara. sam, i saw you donning that coat, buddy. you're outside. >> yes, sir. we're in extremewear. josh, it's raining and it keeps us dry. look at this.
8:08 am
look at these wonderful folks in times square. decided to come out and watch the show. tell me, youngster, what's your name? >> cayden. >> where are you from? >> wisconsin. >> we say good morning to everybody in wisconsin. good morning to you. thank you for coming. let's look at the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to share with you. we'll start with a picture out of chicago. the chicagoland area getting four to ten inches of snow. a little bit more showing up on the radar as we go through the morning hours. detroit came in with two to three inches. you'll probably get one to two in additional. and look at that. as it gets into new england, there's a good hit of snow, if you're a skier. and some folks are. you're going to love this. 6 to 12 additional inches of snow there. around dinnertime today, you want to time it that way, in comes the next system that moves into the west coast. it's still nice and warm in the southwest. boy, does that feel good. and even into texas, drying out from all the rain we had on the gulf coast.
8:09 am
>> the rain doesn't dampen our spirits in times square. let's go back inside to who? >> lara. >> thank you, everybody. stay dry out there. and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the hot new debate working at the office versus home. should it be mandatory to come to work? and they're called daddy's money shoes. why they're now stirring up such a big controversy. plus, do brunettes have more fun? why jennifer lawrence went from blonde to brunette just hours after her oscar win. all that and miranda kerr,
8:10 am
live on "good morning america," here in times square. all that and miranda kerr, live on "good morning america," here in times square. [ male announcer ] when ziggy the cat appeared at their door, he opened up jake's very private world. at first, jake's family thought they saved ziggy, but his connection with jake has been a lifesaver. for a love this strong, his family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep ziggy's body as strong as a love that reaches further than anyone's words. iams. keep love strong.
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neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪ neutrogena®. nature's true celebrities aren't always the most obvious. take the humble stevia plant, with a surprising secret to share: sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. all right. a rainy day here in new york city. we're going to turn to all of that growing national debate today, over whether we should all be required to report to the office to go to work instead of working from home. it was sparked by a new memo from the h.r. department at our online news partner, yahoo!
8:15 am
saying that employees would no longer be allowed to work from home. take a look. it's the office memo turned heated watercooler discussions. yahoo! ceo, marissa mayer, banning work-from-home arrangements. igniting an uproar about what many think is antiquated. one mommy blogger on writing, working online is the wave of the future. if we get the job done, what do you care that we did it between 9:00 and 5:00 p.m.? even business mogul, sir richard branson tweeting, perplexed by yahoo! stopping remote working. but according to yahoo! the work-from-home ban is a strategic move to get employees to collaborate. >> requiring everybody to report to the office, telling them you can no longer work from home, is an issue of comraderie, productivity, collaboration, innovation. and a lot of the best results
8:16 am
are achieved when everybody's under one roof. >> reporter: some yahoo! insiders agree with the move. one saying, working from home may be convenient for some. but it's a convenience cost to the team. in a statement overnight, yahoo! told abc news, this isn't a broad industry view on working from home. this is what is right for yahoo! right now. and joining me now, two very different takes on the topic. are tina brown, editor and chief of "newsweek" and the daily beast. and lisa belkin, who writes a column about life, work, family issues for "the washington post." and i want to read to you from the mommy blogosphere that's gone insane out of this. it's out of touch with the very stretched lives of the vast majority of working parents that don't have the benefit of a $300 million of a cash cushion and that kind of money can buy. and another one says, way to join the 21st century, yahoo! not. and finally, another one,
8:17 am
directed to ms. mayer, the ceo of the company. apparently, i'm more valuable when i'm sitting in my car for two or more hours each day than if i were using that time to either work or do other things that make me productive employee. are you surprised? >> not at all surprised. the workplace has changed a lot in the last 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. we have different tools. different philosophies. family's different. and people are really bad that somebody wants to take some of that away from them. now, it's not really work-from-home or not work-from-home. it's a question of do you have some control over your working hours? you have some control over your life. >> taking the option, absolutely off the table is what you object to? >> the idea that they -- instead of saying, we have people who may not be using this the best, who aren't as productive. every job can't be a telecommuting job. every person is not good at working that way. but it's time to look at it,
8:18 am
job-by-job and person-by-person. rather than send out a memo that says, i have a nursery i built next to my office. but you have to come into the office. >> tina, you tweeted yesterday, cheers for marissa mayer for making the staff show up at the office. >> yes. >> yet, a lot of people feel that didn't is best way to be the best employee. >> at daily beast, we have different range of flexi this and that. >> you don't require all your employees -- >> by no means. but i tweeted that, i admire her for getting her arms around the culture of yahoo! saying, we're turning this company around. i need to know everybody. i need to get in and create some energy. otherwise, everything gets very loose and very loosey-goosey. she needs to know the employees and create that energy in her office, so she can really decide, in a sense, if there's people who can work at home or not. >> there's something to be said about working in a vacuum.
8:19 am
also known as the echo chamber that is your home office. >> there's a powerful energy for coming together, otherwise we'd be doing this show from your bedroom. why aren't we doing the program from your bedroom? >> why aren't we? >> why are aren't you in your pajamas? >> this directive wasn't just to working mothers or working dads. it was to every employee at yahoo! why has this, however, touched off a nerve among working mothers? >> because that's what started this revolution is the fact that it used to be, jobs were set up so that the worker knew that at home, there was someone taking care of home. they took care of work. someone else took care of home. over the years, that's changed. every worker, now, statistically, is responsible at work and at home. >> and yet, the people right now -- this growing trend of working occasionally from home are working mothers. >> working mothers are the ones who started this. working mothers are the ones who use these tools the most. i don't think we've gotten anywhere until we've stopped talking about working mothers and talk about this in terms of workers.
8:20 am
>> i think since the recession really hit, we've seen a transition from people having jobs to having gigs. people have a whole bunch of different things they're doing often. and that in a sense, has become the status quo. but we've all been sitting there in meetings at the office and talking to somebody on the speakerphone. and you ask a question, and there's a silence. why is there a silence? they're online, doing a video game or something. they're not listening. >> well, i hope not. >> tina brown, lisa belkin. we could debate all morning. thank you for weighing in on this. yahoo! is our online partner. and abc news works very closely with it. let's go up to josh. >> we're going to get to the controversial commercial that has parents up in arms. popular shoe company skechers under fire for an ad for sneakers called daddy's money. is that a bad campaign?
8:21 am
diana perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, controversy is most definitely afoot for skechers. the popular shoe brand under fire for marketing its new line of bright sneakers called daddy's money, to preteen and teenage girls. >> this whole campaign, this shoe, is ridiculous on so many levels. >> reporter: the tag line -- get spoiled with daddy's money. ultracool shoes that put you in the spotlight. now, it seems the only thing in the spotlight is skechers itself. with mommy bloggers expressing their outrage. >> it teaches young girls they can use their feminine wiles to get what they want, even from their own fathers. it's totally sexist. a lot of moms are footing half the bills, if not all the bills. >> reporter: commercials for daddy's money are airing everywhere. from mtv, to the hub. parenting expert and
8:22 am
psychotherapist tammy gold, says it's more than just shocking. it's sending a potentially dangerous message to young girls. >> you want to teach them to be independent. to get things for themselves. to earn one day. and all this is saying the opposite. >> reporter: but skechers is putting its considerable foot down. and defending the line. telling abc news, the daddy's money name and the collections advertising are designed to be fun and lighthearted. and we regret that some people have been offended by the name. fashionable or not, the daddies and mommies we spoke to say, they won't be spending their money on the controversial kicks anytime soon. for "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to diana. now, we turn to jennifer lawrence, who went from blonde to brunette, just one day after winning the oscar for best actress. why did she do it?
8:23 am
and could the switch be the start of a hot, new trend in hair? abbie boudreau has the story. >> and the oscar goes to -- jennifer lawrence. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence dazzled at the oscars. wowing everyone with her every-woman likability. >> i'm sorry. i did a shot before i -- >> jennifer. >> reporter: the oscar golden girl is once again turning heads. transforming her honey-colored locks, to dark brunette. only one day after her big win, lawrence was sporting her new katniss looks, ready to finish filming "the hunger games" sequel, "catching fire." >> she's 22. she doesn't try not to be 22. she doesn't try to be more grown-up than she is. she doesn't try to be any younger than she is. very true to herself. >> reporter: the actress isn't the only one to embrace dark tresses. britney spears debuted her new look sunday night, at elton john's oscar bash.
8:24 am
so, will dark and sexy become the new trend in hair color? you like her better lighter or darker? >> lighter. >> darker. >> reporter: we caught up with celebrity hairstylist, robert vetica. in his so salon in beverly hills. >> i like her blonde, personally. >> reporter: no stranger to the red carpet, with clients like naomi watt, stacy keibler. >> she could be pink, blue. it wasn't matter. >> reporter: but there are other ways to capture your inner katniss, something far less committal. but just as much fun. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> so, trend or no trend? >> no trend. she's just going back to work. she's just making "the hunger games." >> you might start one, right now. >> sam might end it, though. i'm just saying. >> that's the thing. i've never been brunette a day
8:25 am
in my life. nicole kidman, coming up. go nowhere. authorities in santa cruz will provide more details about the fatal shooting of two officers while trying to arrest a suspect yesterday. sergeant butch baker was a 28--year veteran and leaves behind a wife, if daughters and a son. and elizabeth butler was also killed, and she levers behind two young sons.
8:26 am
>> backup at the behalf bridge with an early accident at the toll plaza but it is clearing. elsewhere, we go back to hayward where we have had multiple problems in san leandro and, now, northbound, 880, an accident just cleared off the shoulder and you will fine slow traffic both northbound and southbound on the nimitz. kristen? >> a check on the trust with our
8:27 am
>> here is a look at the temperatures, 39 in livermore and napa and 33 in santa rosa, and fremont at 39 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's.
8:28 am
check out this beautiful picture from the east bay hills, mount tamalpais is over there and san jose is two degrees warmer and everyone else is one to four degrees cooler than yesterday because of the extra cloud cover. we will resume the warming trend on thursday, friday, and saturday, those the warmest days and [ cheers and applause ] happy birthday to her. happy 40th. thankfully, sam -- she knew you. so, she got in. and that's lovely that you're able to spend your birthday with our samuel j. that's terrific. >> and i love chicago. the windy city. >> that's coming up, as well. we got our audience inside. it's a blustery but good morning. we hope yours is, too. george at the vatican, on the eve of the pope's historic resignation. robin off. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> always great to be with you. coming up in this half hour,
8:29 am
we have a one-on-one with oscar winner nicole kidman. she is opening up about life with country star, keith urban, their two, young daughters. and being back on the big screen with a hot, new thriller, coming up. >> the daughters, and keith just offcamera during the interview. and she was a mom, first and foremost in that interview. >> always turning around to make sure everything was okay. plus, how in the world could you possibly lose 50 pounds if you're one of the country's best, young chefs? "iron chef america" winner, jesse schenker did it. and he is here to show us how we can do it, too. i love that food is becoming much more healthy, everywhere you go. >> amen to that. oh, lara? >> hello. thank you. sam, come join me. miranda kerr is with us. victoria's secret supermodel, here to reveal her tips for looking and feeling your best. she is not only one of the hottest models in the world right now. but also, mother of a gorgeous
8:30 am
2-year-old little boy, with her husband, actor, orlando bloom. we welcome you. >> thank you for having me. great to be here. >> you're so busy. i feel like i see you everywhere. >> i am a busy mom. but i take time off with the boys. >> we saw you looking quite gorgeous at the oscars. one of my favorite pictures of yesterday, was at the "vanity fair" party. you and your husband, trying to take a beautiful shot together. and yet, you weren't alone. >> did you notice at the time? >> it was awesome. he's, you know, he's a friend. he was having fun. and we saw him on the red carpet. we're like, hey, how are you doing? and he's like, woo hoo. stepping right in there. >> one of those magical shots. >> i love it. i think it's awesome. >> your little boy is 2 years old. >> he's really good. he's so healthy. such a charming little man. i feel so blessed. >> and you look absolutely fantastic. thank you for sharing with us some of your secrets for looking
8:31 am
and feeling great. i wanted to start with, of course, the bra. we know you from victoria's secret. and you say part of looking put together -- sam, you can step out for this. >> i don't really understand. part of being so put together is -- a good foundation. >> a good bra. it starts with a good bra. and victoria's secret just launched the new fabulous collection. so, it includes bras, swimsuits. this is one of the bras here. >> is there lots of -- >> it's very feminine. this is a multiway bra. you can wear it crossback. it's good for the spring and summer. it comes in beautiful colors. >> fashion on its own. if it peeks out. >> you don't have to be a science major to operate this, do you? there's snaps and clips. you can move everything around. >> just step away. >> step away from the bra. it goes strapless. >> everyone that wears one of these knows how to use it. >> that's a good point.
8:32 am
>> i'm wearing one right now. it's a strapless version of the exact bra. >> it's beautiful. you shared the juicing stuff with us today. >> i did. >> and i'll tell you, elizabeth is drinking it right now still. >> i'll bet you she's feeling amazing. >> i am. i am. >> cheers. i have another secret to share with you. that's noni juice. i've been drinking it since i was 11 years old. >> give it to me. >> don't be surprised. >> ooh. >> it's quite potent. >> yeah. what does that do? >> a little or a lot? >> a little shot. >> a little shot. lara had about half a glass. >> it's quite potent. >> what does it do? >> it's a superfood. it's full of antioxidants. >> it's a noni? >> a noni plant. >> which originate ed in poll knees ya 2,000 years ago. >> are there any side effects? >> high-energy. >> the other one had spice to
8:33 am
it. this goes down very smoothly. i like it. >> it does. it's palatable. >> it did not taste bad. and honestly, you are the picture of fitness. >> and notice the key ingredient in my skin care line, kora organics. >> and you have very lovely skin, by the way. >> we have run out of time. we have a yoga tip. we'll put it on our website. check out the victoria's secret bras, the noni juice, and everything this beautiful lady is doing. >> thank you for having me. >> josh, back to you. >> that was remarkable television. we're going to turn, now, to nicole kidman. has a new movie called "stoker" coming out friday. she plays a recently widowed mother, whose relationships border on the dysfunctional. as i found out when i sat down, her art does not imitate her life. take a look. she is an international movie star, who married country music's keith urban.
8:34 am
and then, moved to nashville to start a family. she even brings them all to her interviews. >> india, stay hello to your uncle charlie. >> reporter: in her 44th film, like all her others, there's drama, a stylized horror thriller. she plays evy, an unstable mother of a family in crisis, in a small, rustic town. >> some films, you're certainly churning things up. and then, there's sheer entertainment. >> reporter: where did evy and "stoker" come in that? >> it's in the format of a scary entertaining, genre movie. >> reporter: kidman can now pick and choose her films. take her time. but can she slow down, as mother of two girls and wife of a country superstar? i guess it helped that we shot this in nashville?
8:35 am
is that fair to say? >> i said can't do the movie because my family is my priority. and i have two little girls. so, i couldn't be away. and they said, well, if we came to nashville, do you think you could do it then? and i said, yes. and it was through the film. it gives me incredible peace of mind because it's not my industry. i'm in on my husband's industry, which is great, because he's able to work and do everything he needs to do. but it's just very -- it's still got, yeah, a strong artistic vibe to it. >> he's got a tv show. and got a tour coming up. >> he's sitting over there now. we're not going to film him. >> reporter: keith and daughter, sunday, sat just off camera. clearly, this family is inseparable. how do you -- and feel free to shout from the rafters. >> love you, baby. >> reporter: how do you two
8:36 am
balance it? >> like this. we come to each other's interviews. and we're -- honestly, this is being done, you know, some time when normally it's family time. so, i'm like, here's my family. and that's kind of how i do it. >> reporter: how has this impacted, not just the choices that you make, but the artist that you are? >> at times, it's made me miss out on things, which is fine because i'm going to be, i hope, please, god, i'm going to be, in my 80s and have my grandchildren and my husband. and that's going to all be there and intact. and any other thing that comes into that is icing on the cake. but that's what i'm committed to. >> "stoker" opens in theaters this friday. it was such a wonderful snapshot of a real working family, to sit down with her. you know, again, a mother now, first and foremost.
8:37 am
>> i can't wait to see the movie. >> it was great. it was great. sam? a final look at the weather. boy, so much of the country getting walloped anew. >> and so, we start with a wonderful twitter picture we got this morning. a look from san diego that should make everyone feel better. i retweeted it as soon as i got it, very early this morning. those beautiful blue skies with some lovely vegetation around it. that looks tropical in nature. and then, to ann arbor, one of the towns that, by the way, just walloped again by this second running snowstorm across the country. getting more in the north today. but the southeast has been hit hard by heavy rains. when you look at tallahassee, about 15 inches of rain since friday. they really need to dry out. they'll get a chance to do that today. and you saw the shots earlier this morning of that waterspout in tampa bay moving across. getting a chance to dry out in north florida. and still some gusty winds that is coming behind the drying that will happen. a little more snow
8:38 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by neutrogena. as part of our partnership with yahoo! and edward jones. here's one of our latest interviews. this is the newsmaker interview. we asked lady antebellum about their efforts to help kids. >> we have started a foundation. it's called the lady a. foundation. we have five different organizations that we work with right now. when we sat down to talk about what we wanted our mission to be, like what -- who we wanted to speak up for and it was children. anything that has to do with children, that's what we wanted to do. >> catch more of our newsmakers series, on on yahoo! brought to you by edward jones.
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8:42 am
we are back, now, with the power couple, mark burnett and roma downey. he's a reality tv mogul, behind hits like "survivor" and "shark tank." and his wife, roma, is an emmy-nominated actress. and they're joining together for producers of a brand-new epic miniseries called "the bible." so glad to see you here this morning. what made you take on a topic this big? this complex? >> well, it's epic. you know, it's 2013. and it's time to redo a visual updating of the bible. we showed our kids a few years ago, "the ten commandments" which we thought was great. they rolled their eyes at the special effects. and we knew we should step up and do this. it's ten hours on the bible. it starts sunday on history. >> how did you pick which stories on the bible to tell? is it full of epic, dramatic stories that have been told so many times. so classically. and there's so many of them. >> we only had ten hours to tell these stories.
8:43 am
we wish we had 1,000 hours. and we decided we had two choices. we could either tell loads of stories. or we would select fewer stories and have an opportunity to draw the audience in. and get them really emotionally engaged. >> and that's what you did. >> that's what we did. >> we were talking a moment ago, at the commercial break. i did an hour-long special on the resurrection. just the resurrection. and we had scholars from the evangelical world, the catholic world, the jewish world. i mean, it was difficult to tell just that one event. how did you pick which point of view to approach this from? a lot of people have a lot of strong feelings. >> straight down the middle. five hours old testament and five hours new testament. we go from genesis, with noah's ark. right through the revelation. and the last hour deals with resurrection, ascension, pentecost, to revelation. >> you mentioned noah's ark. we have a clip we want to show the audience from that particular episode. let's all watch.
8:44 am
>> in this beginning, gods created the heavens and the earth. the earth was a formless void. and darkness covered the face of the deep. and god said, let there be light. and there was light. >> mark, you said your kids rolled their eyes when they saw "the ten commandments." do you think that the audience, which is so sophisticated with special effects will roll their eyes at all? >> most journalists said, how could you have only spent 20 minutes? you must have been 150. we got the team that got the oscar for "gladiator." they made "clash of the titans." hans zimmer has done the score. and this is epic. >> we brought miracles to life on the screen. moses parting the red sea. the burning bush. the walls of jericho come tumbling down. jesus walking on water. daniel and the lion. it's epic stuff. >> and you shot this for six
8:45 am
months in morocco, right? you are used to the tough environments. after "survivor." you didn't put yourself through anything you put your old contestants through, i hope. >> i'm used to having giant film crews in remote locations. it was six months. and roma did great. >> there was dust in places i never knew existed. >> and the snakes, i hear. >> there were snakes. we had a snake man on the set, just to clear it. >> just to clear all of the cobras? and you get the gold star for hanging in there. you, i know, are an old hand at that. anyway, thank you so much for being with us. "the bible" premieres sunday on history channel. it's a great thing to watch with your kids, as well. coming up, he won "iron chef america" and the battle of the bulge. we're in the is kitchen with jesse schenker.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back, now, with one of the hottest, young chefs in the country. everyone says so.
8:48 am
jesse schenker's new york city restaurant gets rave reviews. it's "the new york times" that says that. it's "new york" magazine that says that. you won "iron chef america." "gq" magazine. "details" magazine, calls you one of the best young chefs. everybody loves you. >> sam, thanks for having me. >> thank you for being here. just continuing the trend that "gma" puts the best on the table in front of you. you went from 255 pounds to 200 pounds. do we have pictures of that? there's a huge difference in you. and you're always around food. and you're always around great food. so, how in the world do you do that? >> well, the trick is really -- you don't have to stop eating tasty foods. just have to go for low-calorie, low-carb, still flavorful food. chicken breast is a great idea. it's low-calorie. i have a great recipe, with grilled chicken breast.
8:49 am
we'll broil it with vegetables. you want to add flavor. >> when you just look at a chicken breast. it says, i'm not so interesting. >> you have to spruce it up. you still want flavor. we'll make a nice marinade with mustard, sherry vinegar. and you want to add some aromatics. fresh thyme, garlic we've crushed. and jalapeno. >> that will work. >> definitely. we'll marinade it whole and remove it at the end. it will add the heat and flavor but not make it overly spicy. >> i would have been afraid to do that. >> same with the garlic. we whisk it up here. all this great flavor and nothing is high-fat. and then, we add it over. we can marinate this four to six hours. if you want to overnight, you can. >> a glass dash or a ziploc? >> ziploc is a great idea. >> as long as it all soaks in. >> exactly.
8:50 am
you want a nice flavor on the outside. we're going to put it in the oven for 350 degrees for eight to nine minutes. >> i'm personally afraid to use the oven. i shouldn't be? put it on broil? >> totally on broil. set a timer. at the same time, we're going to roast some vegetables. you want to think texture. when you're working, you're working the jaw muscles. and it satisfies you in a psychological way. a little olive oil. nice, hot skillet. and we'll add leafy vegetables that are high in fiber. >> you can have as much as you want. >> i like to double the veg to the protein. if i am having four ounces of protein, eight ounces of veg. full-flavor. and spinach, celery. >> it's so good, everybody. >> some broccoli. love broccoli. and we'll cook it all together. we can add mushrooms.
8:51 am
right? >> is everybody eating? >> oh, yes. >> everyone says yes. >> is everybody eating, yes. >> we can have the same marinade for the chicken to season it up. that's the finished product. >> broccoli on a plate is -- >> lara, tell everybody we're eating good. how can we do this if we're all eating? >> go to on yahoo! >> thank you. >> be right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
coming up tomorrow on "gma," "deals & steals." >> you're teasing with your mouth full, elizabeth. >> george back at the vatican tomorrow. meanwhile, go fill up the coffee cup and go to the computer. "gma live!" is next.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> abc7 news, crews will dig in san francisco's west portal neighborhood to fix the broken water main that sent rivers of water and debris rushing to a dozen home and vehicles around 3:00 this morning and left a muddy mess in the area. and now over to mike. >> hazy out there from mount tamalpais to san francisco, and a few more high clouds means it will be cooler in most areas than yesterday. we are going to have mid-to-upper 60's away from the coast and we will be in the upper 60's to near 60 and the warm of the days are tomorrow,
8:58 am
friday, and saturday. >> tough getting to oakland with both 880 and 580 with an accident at 98 blocking the right lane, and 580 we had an accident at 98 and that has been cleared and west 88, still an accident there. kristen? >> please join us for announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, chairman of the boardroom, donald trump. and a special behind the scenes look at kelly and michael's appearance at all-star "celebrity apprentice." plus, from the hit drama, "person of interest," taraji p. henson. all next on the emmy award-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪
8:59 am
kelly: wow. wow. you know what this is? michael: yeah, i love you, too! kelly: love you too, mom. just kidding. it's wednesday, february 27, 2013. as i said before, wednesday is the new friday. michael: yes, it is. [applause] kelly: you're like that's not true. friday is the new friday. michael: how are you? are you doing all right? >> i'm great. yeah. i'm a little like half in my dress so anything can happen so let's stay tuned and see. michael: that means i will be doing the opening of the show like this to you the entire time. kelly: no, with your jacket like this. kelly: no, with your jacket like this. it's a dreary day

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